An intruder alarm system is probably one of the most commonly used forms of electronic security, protecting your property and possessions. These systems operate through a variety of sensors: Movement sensors, break glass sensors, door/ window contacts, vibration sensors. The system is generally set either via a coded entry panel, smartphone/ tablet APP or simple fob reader which when set are able to offer two main types of alarm.​Upon the alarm being activated the system will ring an internal and external alarm sounder in order to deter intruders.

​Real time cameras are available for the intruder alarms systems we install that can be monitored through a live APP. Adding a camera to your system allows you to see exactly what is happening in your property from anywhere in the world, also ideal for pet owners.​

Remote monitoring is available upon client request.

Wireless and Wired Alarm Installation

Wireless alarm installation is a perfect idea for already decorated properties as well as replacement systems, also for customers that do not want to have any cables installed at theirs homes. A manageable system that is user friendly, reliable and secure.

Wired alarm installations are a good solution is you want a hard wired system. These, of course, need existing or new cables installed, which is a factor to take in to consideration when choosing which would work best for you.